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Gratitude and Joy

Do you consider yourself a joyful person? Chances are, if you are joyful, you practice gratitude. In a world that is so focused on self, it is easy to live from a place of deficit rather than surplus. "I would be happy if I had a better car (or house, or job, or wardrobe, or body, or.....)". We find it difficult to be joyful because the world tells us that happiness is just on the other side of where we are; it seems just outside of our reach. When it comes down to it, these things may give us a temporary feeling of happiness, but not lasting joy. This is a heart condition. Changing your perspective can shift your feelings from never having enough to having an abundance. The place to start is with gratitude. Start a list of the things you are grateful for and add to it daily. These things can be big or small because the most important part is that it is meaningful to you. Over time, keeping a gratitude list can change the way you view your world. Rather than deficit thinking, you begin surplus thinking:

I wish I had a new car vs I am so grateful my vehicle that gets me from point A to point B

If only I didn't have to pay the water bill vs I am grateful I have easy access to clean water

I hate my body vs I am grateful for a strong body that carries me through the day

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough" ~ Melody Beattie

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